Low-Cost, Accredited Gym Memberships in Walsall

Take part in a variety of training sessions while in a hard-working and enthusiastic environment. At Foundry Gym, in Walsall we offer affordable gym memberships and provide Hammer Strength Equipment within our facility. We employ experienced trainers who are able to provide you with tailored diet plans that are suitable for you.

Professional Equipment

Increase your strength and fitness by utilising our professional gear and expert trainers. We source all of our equipment from Hammer Strength™, a highly praised company who we are accredited by. You will have a wide range of kit to choose from and everything we supply is top of the range. Appealing to a broad spectrum of clients, we are able to work with anyone over the age of 16.

Improve Strength and Cardio

Clients are able to advance in their physical fitness by participating in our classes. A boxing ring is situated upstairs in the centre and is where all of the fitness equipment is held. Although we do not permit clients to fight prior to the age of 11, we offer specialised boxing classes that are suitable for any age. Upstairs we have:

  • Punch Bags
  • Full Cardio Sections 
  • Matted Training Areas
  • Mirrors 
  • Strength Machines

On-Site Fitness Trainers

To ensure you receive the best possible service, our Gym is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are able to work around your requirements, providing all sessions in a friendly environment.

Added Extras

Keep yourself hydrated while training by visiting our drinks counter where you are able to purchase protein drinks or water. We also have secure lockers to keep all of your personal belongings safe. You are also able to stay cool and refreshed with our showers that are located in our separate changing rooms for men and women.

Affordable Prices

We provide a range of memberships that are suitable for both men and women. You are able to select the best option for you and your budget. Our memberships consist of: